The Runaway Dog

A dog named Bubblegum, a nice female Golden Retriever went missing! I found her in Green Park and took care of her. Here is her story!

Her owner, Mrs. Shanon was a very mean lady, she kept screaming at Bubblegum and didn’t spend time with her, so Bubble gum ran away.

First, she left scared, very scared. She was alone, standing still in the rain. I ran fast and started petting her: “What are you doing here? I asked. I kind of waited for an answer, because when I speak to animals I feel like I can understand them.

After a month, I finally received Mrs. Shanon’s telephone call. She told me that Bubblegum was useless and that I could keep her if I wanted.

Now Bubblegum and Popsicles, my other dog, are my best friends. They get along so well!

Daria Achim, 5th Grade